We love helping startups leap forward.

We have a lot of relevant experience in entrepreneurship and can come up with founder-friendly terms for our work. Reach out if you are interested!

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Do you need someone to develop your MVP? Or some help with validation, client relation and/or marketing?

Strong Team

We are picky with the teams that we work together with. We prefer teams with teams of at least two, who have a strong expertise in their field.

Drive to Improve

Startups come with a lot of highs, but they do also require work and sacrifice over other aspects in your life. We want to see this readiness to succeed.

Like a Co-Founder

We will act as a co-founder. We will fill the role that you need the most in your team. Let's say you got your MVP development covered, then we can help you with design and marketing, or vice versa.

More than Advice

We do not just offer mentoring, coaching and advice. We will set goals and tasks for Grafis to complete for your startup, that you can count on us in delivering

Startup acceleration Tallinn

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